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RAAFSIMS Has just about all your flight sim needs, Air Combat Training, Air Racing, Aerobatics and just about anything else you can think of for a multiplayer military flight simulator. On this page are a few to get you started. TrackIR is a must have for any decent sim as is Teamspeak for radio communication if you are going to fly online

Technology Innovations
Track IR
One of the latest advances in flight simming is the use of a head position controlled mouse. This is an unbelievable advantage when flying as it completely negates the need for translating required head movement into a switch position on a hat or keyboard. It quickly becomes completely natural and it is a deadly advantage. There were some initial issues as it was cutting edge technology but these are ironed out and you won't find many people with high proficiency levels not using it.

We also use voice communication programs so that we can talk as we fly and coordinate tactics etc. This is essential when flying with a Wingman or as part of a team. Voice comms adds a new level of realism enabling coordination, support and a lot more fun, it is also a great help in staying alive.
About the best voice comms program available is Version TS2.0 is current and is the one we at RAAFSIMs use.

This is the program we use to find other Flight Sim pilots on the net. It caters to a whole range of different simulators from LOMAC to IL2 to JanesF15 etc etc. A must for flying online. At times I log onto HL and see almost 1000 other people all flying IL2!

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Sims can be addictive!