These are a few links to Internet security related web sites. I commend them to you as they offer a newbies guide to the Internet and may well open your eyes to just how INSECURE your personal info is.

A website with guides and software on finding, removing and blocking much of the malware being circulated today. You can bet your bottom dollar there will be something hostile on your PC. Almost none of the machines I work on are truly clean.

Did you wonder what all those numbers and stuff people talk about meant? IP, Port Numbers etc? Well here are the ppl that set them all up WWW.IANA.ORG

Probably the best newbies guide on the net care of the man who exposes Uncle Bills deliberate inbuilt browser ansd Operating System (Windows 95/95/2000/XP et al) security flaws, Steve Gibson.

Here is another good site  Practically Networked

Want to see the dark side and the sorts of things that are available to hackers both benevolent and malicious? In truth a hacker is a person who is simply mapping the internet but unfortuantely the sensationalists and ill informed such as Chicken Noodle News know very little about the real internet. Shame really as it is a marvellous thing but as usual most of the population never see it. Sure there are people who misuse the net, but they are in a minority. Don't let them scare you away, the Internet is here to stay and the sooner you learn about it - and it really is fun to do - the sooner you will be enriched. There is no possible topic you can possibly think of that you cannot learn about using the vast resources of the 'net. It is far more than just email and the World Wide Web. I have given a number of basic tutorilas to friends and family on just what it is about, hopefuly I will one day find time to write a burst on it here. Meanwhile if you have any questions please ask, this is too important a part of all of our future lives to miss out on.  Click Here