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Precision Manuals 737NG Addon for FS2004
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WHY FLY SIMS? So what is it that makes people want to fly flight simulators, especially combat ones and even more so the WW2 era versions? There are several answers; many professional pilots are bored with straight and level flying with an autolpilot coupled ILS leading to a big black strip of runway and many private pilots want to be able to do the things they could never do IRL but in the main the vast majority are just people who have a love of sport aviation and like to share that with others. This is my main motivation. I get a real kick out of sharing my passion with other interested people, particularly those not fortunate to be able to fly real aeroplanes. I write a bit of training info based on IL2 FB AEP and these skills are directly translatable to the real world.

So, have you ever wanted to tear around at 400 knots 30 feet off the ground racing around hangers and buildings trying to compete in a Reno style Pylon Race? Maybe you'd like to find out just how good a 'stick and rudder' man you really are and try your hand at a 1v1 in air combat flying a Spitfire against a Bf109. We all like to think we have the stuff of an Ace, here is your chance to find out. One of the truly great things about these sims are that you don't fly against just the AI in the computer but can link your machine via the Internet to hundreds of others online and fly against real people. Often when I am online in IL2 there are upwards of 800 other people flying it as well. Makes for busy skies and you need to keep your head on a swivel if you don't want to spend a lot of time doing a silk let-down

These screenshots are all taken from within Internet linked flight sims. Real people are flying those planes! Doesn't matter if you are in the UK or Australia as we are connected easily by the Internet. Do you think you could do it? IL2 is the latest and easily most advanced WW2 flight sim on the market. Try it for yourself.


And here is RAAFSIMS a great bunch of guys I have been flying sims with online since the 90's. Many people join squads to enhance their online experience. There is much to be said for flying online with your friends.

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