A quick tutorial on Internet Voice Communications using a program called Teamspeak2

First you need to download Teamspeak from Teamspeak.org downloads section and install it. It is about 5.5MB.
Alternatively this will take you straight to the Teamspeak Download Page for Windows Just scroll to the bottom of the page and click 'I agree'

Don't worry if you don't have a microphone. It is easy to type a message in a text chat window like MSN Messenger that everyone can see and then listen in to people respond by voice on TS.

I now host a TS Server on Just follow the instructions below and there is also a picture to help you out. Note if you have a Router or Firewall then you need to open or forward UDP port 8767. Any problems please e-mail me.

So let's set it up and get going:
To create an entry for my Server in your address book use the following procedure:

Open Teamspeak2
Left Click in order on the following:
Right click on SERVERS and then Left Click on ADD SERVER - this brings up your TS Servers address book and you are about to make an entry for my TS Server
Fill in the boxes on the right hand side as follows:
Server Address:
Nickname: WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE CALLED I prefer real names so it is easy to remember who is who when you come back later
UNCHECK the "allow server to assign nickname' box
Select 'Anonymous' button
Password: no password is required - please leave this field blank
Tick the 'Auto Reconnect' box Click the CONNECT button
teamspeak_setup.JPG - 61920 Bytes
Please use a 'Press to Talk Key' as well to prevent your speaker sound being fed back through your microphone to the people you are talking to.
Do this by opening TS, click Settings, Sound/Input Settings, then click the radio button beside 'Press to Talk', now press 'SET' and then press the key you want to use as your microphone switch/key. I recommend the 'SCROLL LOCK' key as I have used it for many years with various voice and flight sim programs with no problems.

Talk To You Soon,